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Aercon Differential Air Pressure Stabiliser Valve Flap


Aercon Differential Air Pressure Stabiliser Control Flap  / Valve


Premium range Air Pressure  Control Valves for the control of room pressure in Pharmaceutical and electronics  manufacture, specialist laboratories.


Pressure stabilisers are  used to maintain a typical 15 Pascal differential between rooms. (For Cat 3 and  Cat 4 laboratories higher differential pressures are normal.) For clean rooms  and manufacturing facilities it is possible to work on the "10%  rule". In positive pressure rooms the supply volume is worked out to  provide the necessary air change rate, taking account of heat loads etc.  Subtracting any door leakage and constant equipment extract from this figure  gives the nett outflow, i.e. the amount of air to be removed from the room.


Aercon Differential Air Pressure Stabiliser Control Flap  / Valve Features


  • Wall Sleeve allows withdrawal of valve for       maintenance and cleaning without the need for tools
  • Heavy duty white Polyester coated carbon steel       body for excellent chemical resistance and ease of cleaning
  • Stainless Steel Blades and internal parts
  • Blades pivoted on sealed for life bearings
  • Pressure ranges : 5 - 35 Pa (set at 20Pa)
  • Ease of site adjustment of pressure setting




Aercon, a division of the  Power Utilities Group, has over 50 years of experience in the design and  manufacture of Air Pressure Control Valves and Stabilisers.


           Aercon design and  manufacture Air Pressure Control Valves and Stabilisers that are used in  hospitals, operating theatres, clean rooms, for gas fire suppression and  protected fire routes as well as many other industrial applications.


Aercon Air Pressure Control  Valves and Stabilisers are used throughout the world.


Aercon Differential Air Pressure Stabiliser Control Flap  / Valve Dimensions


Height 215mm
            Width 400mm
            Depth 100mm


Weight 3.55kg


Please email area code, ZIP code or postcode for international delivery costs and options (packing types, courier, insurance) shipping rate excludes duties, taxes and customs clearance.

Price: £42.00 Telephone: 01565 734875

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